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Bored Devloper

Bored Devloper

We know about the typo

A collection of 503 unique profile pictures algorithmically generated.

All of them were born on January the 1st of 1970, and today they are in the Algorand Blockchain! ⛓ 🚀 🌔

Connect your Pera Wallet and reveal the entire collection.

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by Alberto Marin

Bored Devloper gif

The Bored Devloper collection is a personal NFT project where I've used Figma for the graphics, HashLips Art Generator to get those random looks and algoNFTs by algokittens to upload it to the Algorand blockchain.

The overall purpose of this project was to learn more about web3.0 and blockchains while having fun building the site using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Why Algorand?

  • Algorand is a proof-of-stake blockchain.
  • It is more energy efficient than most of the Blockchains out there.
  • Fees are remarkably low.

There is no primary purpose for these avatars. I use my #105 as a profile picture in Slack, Google, Discord and some other platforms.

Bored Devloper #105

I am not spending lots of time in social media, but if you want to reach me probably Linkedin works the best.

Enjoy the journey ⛓ 🚀 🌔